In the beginning, I was sitting in bed and was in very bad pain. I was watching the 12 noon news on channel 2. The subject was BACK, call 1-800- back for pain. I did! She said call Dr. Perri. I met the doctor and he changed my life. He gave me strength to accept my problem. I put my trust and faith in him. After one week I have improve so much it scare’s me, because I can do things better than I could do for so long. I stop taking my pain medication, and I am feeling so much better.
– A.W.

My problem was severe lower back pain for over 5 months, which turned out to be pinched nerves. After 1 session I couldn’t believe the difference! I was able to walk again. Thank God for Dr. Perri.
– D.K.

I have had neck problems before I met Joe. I was in an automobile accident and received lower back pain. Now that have been seeing Joe on a regular basis all of my symptoms have gradually decreased thanks to chiropractic ability.
– J.D.

I couldn’t move my neck well and my shoulders were stiff. Since chiropractic treatments I have been able to do much more things then ever before and I am much stronger in my upper body.
– I.A.

The sharpest pain in my rear end was killing me. I thought it was my wife, but it turned out to be a pinched nerve. After a few visits- the pain was gone. Thank you Lord-and Dr. Perri.
– D.D

I have had lower back pain for a couple of years now. Just a sudden sharp pain. Ever since I have been going to Dr. Perri, the pain in my back has been relieved. I feel so much better these days.
– E.B.

sander.jpg We had lower back pains when we picked up our children. The pain went away after a few visits. It’s easier taking care of the children.
– M.T. & V.T.

I had neck pains from being kicked in the head/neck in a karate session. Dr. Joe has helped me greatly. Now I don’t have neck pain anymore and I’m more careful when it comes to getting kicked!
– D.T.

My problem was a severe headache, which I could hardly stand on my feet. I felt really sick. After the treatments I felt brand new.
– C.A.

I hurt my lower back right after a body building competition. After seeing Dr. Perri for a while, I feel a lot better. I’ve come a long way. My work out’s have been very much improved. Thanks Doc.
– C.H.

My problem was severe pain beginning on left side of my neck running down my whole left arm into my fingers, making my hand and fingers very numb. Before coming to Dr. Perri, I had been considering seeing a surgeon. That’s how much pain I had been in. But in just a few weeks of being in Dr. Perri’s care, I can honestly say I feel 100% better and have no thoughts of ever seeing a surgeon. I highly recommend all of my friends and family who have a problem.
– F.C.

I had lower back pain from exercising with weights and working on my house. Dr. Joe made my back feel better and showed me how to exercise without hurting myself. I can now take down walls and continue my construction work without worrying. Thanks Joe!
– L.T.

My problem was severe lower back pain. I couldn’t even walk. I was crawling. Severe pain was no longer with me, after only a very few visits with Dr. Perri.
– R.A.

My neck pain has substantially resided by the help of Dr. Perri’s great adjustments and therapy.
– F.S.

I had a sprained lower back. With Dr. Joe’s help I was back on my feet in less then a week. Now I hold his card in my wallet because I don’t want to leave home without it.
– J.F.